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  • The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta is a nonprofit international association that values creative, ethical and progressive action aimed at the improvement of tourism in Tangier and in Morocco. Our vision is to achieve cultural tourism development on all levels: social, economic, cultural and educational. We are dedicated to promote Ibn Battuta’s character, for all his contributions in the cultural sphere, creating various activities centered on his travels, his books, and his ideologies. Creating exciting horizons for future conversations and exchange with individuals or groups from a wide variety of national and international origins, we envisionbringing increasing attention to our historical legacy and making a strength out of it for our tourism and culture in Morocco. Our association considers the culture of traveling as the ultimate purpose of development. The sustainable, tangible and intangible welfare of individuals and communities more generally, is intrinsically linked to their active participation in their own culture and their ability to interact with others, that is whywe aim to ensure that most people have a global vision and a clear knowledge of the accomplishments of Ibn Battuta who represents an integral part of our culture. We also envision tobe the force for value creation and innovation in the travel field, by drawing on the findings of Ibn Battuta and his numerous works.In the meantime, we work on conveying a message of tolerance, acceptance, respect and sharing. The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta works on establishing relations with international associations and organizations in the future for both national and international goodwill, understanding and mutual benefit. One of our long-term visions is to give an international dimension to our cultural work, in order to reach a higher public and transmit our values through collaborations with organizations. We also have some of the greatest and renowned honorary members with great impact in many fields, and we will continuallyhave other members to broaden our activities and events at an international level. We also aim to develop friendship and common purpose,encourage ethical standards of conduct and promote understanding, goodwill. So, we will have tocollaborate with people from all around the world to reach this common goal of developing traveling for peace and knowledge. As the association is based in the city of Tangier, the home of IbnBattuta,we work onaccompanying the project of Tangier Metropolis at first, and promoting its culture. In order to do so, we will create a large number of thematic activities and also monuments in commemoration of Ibn Battuta, which will have such a great impact on the tourism of this city. We will work on expanding the project and use this figure as a strong point for the Moroccan tourism, and make it profitable for us. Our vision is inspired by the noble beliefs of the world’s greatest traveler, who has showed us the deep essence of travel, and its main goal which is sharing, respecting and spreading peace all around the world. These valuesgo perfectly with our vision.

    Mission: The mission of the Moroccan Association Of Ibn Battuta is to promote our historical and cultural patrimony, because we believe that cultural exchange raises foreign countries’ understanding of one’s culture.In addition to this, the association also aims to develop international partnerships with other projects treating different other great travellers. Bringing to light Ibn Battuta’s history is a great way of providing cultural, educational and social patrimony thanks to the diversity of this history and richness of his works. The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta aims to establish a multitude of actions to promote the character of Ibn Battuta,to perpetuate the tribute he deserves. Our work’s purpose is todevelop cultural promotional events to position the region as an attractive cultural tourism destination. The creation of this association will bring support to the social, economic and, most importantly, to the cultural tourism. Our mission is to value the heritage of Ibn Battuta and the historical heritage he represents, raise awareness around his life and his numerous travels.This figure represents a lot for Morocco, so we believe the image should be strongly relatedto this traveler, because he surely represents an important added value to our heritage and will contribute. This is also an opportunity to put the city of Tangier forward, with it being his point of departure and return, through the development of various projects such as tailored city tours and cultural events. Also, we work on the promotion of travel as a way to facilitate mutual understanding, respect, interaction, participation and coexistence in the world, by doing this, we align on the values transmitted by Ibn Battuta, who demonstrated that travel can be a source of peace. He traveled for 29 years, without once, criticizing a local culture, he showed us how important travel is, how it can enrich brain, and how it teaches us to respect the differences and learn from other countries. We, today, made of these values one of our missions: Travel must be intended to be a facilitator to enhance development, peace and respectin the world. It is also our duty to remind that travel can contribute to the protection of human rights and dignity, and the elimination of violence, as well as ensuring an end prejudices and stigmatization. It is worth noting that our unconditional commitment to promoting the legendary character of Ibn Battuta has intangible horizons. Therefore, we would be honored to share some of the great adventures of Ibn Battuta through the books written about him and any helpful material with people around the world . More generally, the Moroccan association of Ibnbattuta will play the role of “ambassador of culture”, by promoting our heritageand creating an environment where people from different nationalities and backgrounds can embrace learning about other cultures and give back by sharing about their heritage and customs. Ibn Battuta once said “Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” We wish to follow in his footsteps, and continue to tell his stories while shedding lighton his experience, to always keep his literary legacy alive, and to work on its development, constantly.

    Website: https://ibnbattuta.ma/

    Address: Tangier-Tetouan, Morocco

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